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In 1967, after the devastating Egyptian military defeat in the so-called six-day war, Egyptian pride was broken. The “mother of the world–as Egyptians like to say—had lost its balance and place in the world, and Egyptians had lost faith in the military and their hero, Gamal Abdelnasser. Nasser vanished overnight, actually in six days. People started looking for another narrative other than the secular one that was championed by Nasser and his Arab pan project. Lots of Egyptians turned their faith to mosques and churches instead.  Then in 1968, the Virgin apparition was the story that consumed Egypt for weeks and months.  It was the story that shook the Egyptians’ psychological foundation and belief system. Thousands of Christians and Muslims marched from all over Egypt to get a glimpse of the Virgin. People were talking about her image as it appeared at a church in “Zaytoon” located on the outskirts of Cairo.

An old joke then went like this:  A man told his friend, “Hey, the Virgin appeared in “Zaytoon!” (Olive in Arabic)

“Yeah… I wish next time she would appear in cheese,” … the friend said sarcastically.

Over 40 years later, this man got his wish. Now and after the Military coup in 2013, and toppling president-elect Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood clans, we have the Sisi apparition, the general who heads the Egyptian military. His image appears not only on cheese packages but on chocolate and all over Egypt.  Sisi-Mania is spreading like a wildfire with his image appearing on everything from buildings, cars, carts, shopping malls, wedding gowns, naked bodies, cafes, cups, burgers, sandwiches, even TV sets!, Sisi souvenirs are now sold everywhere. Egyptians are passionate about their love and hate too. Egyptian women are falling in love with the new Prince Charming of Egypt. Sisi pictures with his ominous sunglasses are showing up on billboards, streets, parks governments offices, newspaper frontline headlines, and replacing revolutionary wall graffiti. . Songs are made just for the general, “Bless your hands” and ”finish your favor…) popularized by famous artists and poets, a dancer using the general posters as an Eve’s leaf covering her scantily clad body as she seductively dances on a stage. A woman columnist wrote in Al Misry Elyoum, a daily newspaper owned by businessman Tycoon Mr. Swaire, “ Just wink … “Sisi “and you will get anything you want.” Another reporter went as far as saying the name Sisi comes from the great Egyptian Pharaoh name  Ramses, “RamSisi” in Arabic. “I wish Sisi would father all our children so we could have more heroes,” declared an enthused man.  At weddings, women are replacing their wedding gowns with Sisi gowns, and on the street, you can see young and old women wearing Sisi T-shirts as a new fashion. Artists and talk show hosts are raving about the new Egyptian sweetheart. General Sisi himself is banking on this. His PR machines are presenting his military as attractive young and fertile.  “Our Military spokesperson should be handsome to appeal to women,” he was caught on video instructing his staff.

This SisiMania is not very well understood in the context of post Arab Spring craze, where people revolted and toppled a 30-year of military dictatorship. People around the world usually admire their generals for their military adventures and winning wars, but in Egypt where it has been out of history for 30 years under the ailing dictator Hosni Mubarak, now they are looking for vitality. They celebrate a general who as a head of military intelligence during SCAF 18 months tenure, and according to BBC and international human rights groups, oversaw the forced virginity test program on young women protestors in Tahrir Square, the very same general now is loved by many Egyptian women for his sex appeal. These are the very same women who filled Tahrir Square with their thundering chanting that terrified Mubarak and his security apparatus.  “Aish (bread), Freedom and Social Justice,” has given way to singing “Bless your hands, Sisi.”



Where have you seen Sisi …..lately!

Sisi choclote Star

The Sisi Chocolate




sisi fashion2
Fashion show

Sisi wedding 5
The best man in wedding Sisi the savior
Cool Sun Glasses Sisi the miliyray lion
Salafi heart too Sisi the horsman
Mr Right Taking winning Egyptian Pride sisi t shrt
Zaghrootah Sisi Sisi Ram-Sisi
a newspaper reported the name  Sisi is coming from the Egyptian Pharaoh name RamSisi
Sisi presidentail campign
The will of the people Sisi presidential election campaign…
Sisi posters everywjere
Welcome to the land of SisistanSisi popluar
Public events..
sisi pisccet
Sisi on the TV set
Even on TV set
Sisi mother of the world
Egypt mother of the world…
Sisi mo3alem and Haj
Me3alam Sayed and Hajj Ahmed inviting Sisi to their kids wedding
sisi mex
Sisi Sandwich
sisi medels
If the Virgin appeared in Zaytoon (olive) in 68, Sisi appeared in chocolate,
sisi mania2
The reluctant hero, they all start that way
sisi mania
Sisi mania for sales
 glad that  Sisi picture has a price..
sisi mania 4
Wearing the Sisi flag and his boots too
sisi mania
Overnight hero
Sisi man
I have seen this cartoon before, with a different hero
sisi love
I heart Sisi…
Sisi love affairs
Sisi is looking for Enjy in film (Red Qalby) return my heart
sisi lions
Sisi Lionized
Sisi just wink
A columnist wrote, Just wink, and you will get everything you desire!
Sisi Jawry 2
Sisi Nickels
sisi hat
Sisi Masks  Sisi even men
No idea … Gay parade
Sisi endorsment
Support Sisi Campaign  Sisi a doll
 A Sisi Doll
sis salute in wedding
Singing Sisi song
sis menia 2
Public affection
Sisi wedding in militray fatige
I have no idea what that is… weird



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