BelAhdan invistigates the sweets War in the Middle East, the battle of Backlava in America

How food define a culture, a place and people, the battle of Baklava… the 7 deadly sins, in this story, it took me 7 days,going to 7 restaurants,talking to 7 owners, testing 7 Baklava and gaining 7 pounds…now it is your turn… help us to raise some funds to pay for it… .. it is not a sin!! just log on the sponsors link and click on DONATE… so simple..


Ahmed Tharwat …. in the middle AhMedia.... احا مديا A media critic, and a media consultant... A show with an accent for those without one! AhMedia احا مديا Ahmed Tharwat/ Host BelAhdan TV show Freelance Writer, Public Speaker, International Media Fixer


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