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    TweetThe Israeli bombing on Gaza continued for the tenth straight days as Arabs leaders trip on each others  rushing) to normalize their relationship with Israel. The attack is mostly ignored by western media or presented as retaliation to a rocket attack from Hamas, it always does. “Israel continues airstrikes on Gaza in retaliation for Hamas balloon bombs” The Guardian “Israel attacked targets of Islamist group Hamas in Gaza and halted fuel supplies to the enclave Thursday in the latest retaliation against firebombs” CBS “After rocket attack, Israel hits’ underground’ Hamas targets in Gaza” Time of Israel Israeli warplanes always targeted Hamas not Palestinians, not people, not human, wife, husbands, not the only power plant,…

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    Tahrir Square and the birth of a nation

    Tweet Ahmed Tharwat On my last visit to Egypt, as I landed at the airport I noticed that Egypt has changed. Security were screaming the names of VIPs or travellers who have connections. I went through the check out. “Do you have anything in these bags,” asked the airport security? “Not really a few gifts and my underwear,” I joked. Go ahead, he ushered me through the gate with a smile. This was the last smile I saw in Egypt throughout my trip. I asked the taxi driver to take me to Tahrir Square. “For what sir? Nobody goes to Tahrir Square anymore, only Al-Sisi supporters,” he whispered. Take me…


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