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    Tweet   Thanksgiving Tales!There are many controversies about Thanksgiving and what it means in our politically charged culture. Thanksgiving tradition celebrates a practice based on generations after generations without really understanding its historical origin, provenance, and devastating effect on American natives. We only tell the story of the dominant culture, the winner, and we accept the story we want to hear. Thanksgiving,  we are told, is the story of the braves pioneers who landed in Plymouth in 1620, where the local Native Americans welcomed them and shared a meal. None is told of what happened in the 50 years after that; land grabbing, diseases, broken treaties, and the big war…

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    Tweet​   How Do you Survive Ramadan in  America ​ This week, on may 6th, Millions of Muslims around the world started observing the holy  month of Ramadan.  Ramadan is the ninth month of Islamic calendar, that honors the time when god revealed to Prophet Muhammed through Angel Gabriel, the first verses of Quran.   Ramadan is a festive month for Muslims , 30 days of Christmas. Where Muslims  enjoy special traditions and immersed themselves in all night celebration. However, in the political climate of Islamophobic culture , and the rhetoric of  demonizing Muslims and criminalizing Islam.  In America, Muslim faith and practices are questioned and under the spotlight. .  Observing…

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    Tweet Notes from America  With all the turmoil around the world and poisonous relationships between the two biggest monolithic religion, it is a welcoming news. Muslims and Christians celebrate their holidays together.  Christmas is celebrated during Muslims holy month of Ramadan. As a Muslim American who has been married to an American woman for 20 years, I wanted to celebrate Ramadan and Christmas at the same time.  Wow, I thought to myself, what an occasion: our two religious celebrations combined into one magic evening in my house, an evening of transformation that would symbolize our great, diverse life in America. A Ramadan-Christmas dinner would bring a real meaning to our two…


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