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Americans Fascination of ancient dead Egyptians !!

American fascination of ancient dead Egyptians

More than 1200 years ago, two ancient Egyptian cities vanished from the face of the earth, due to natural disasters.  It took the French underwater archaeologist Frank Goddio, more that 40 years to discover the two missing ancient cities on the bank of Alexandria Egypt.  however in less than 40 days, president elSisi, the current pharaoh, sold two strategic islands to the Saudis. I went to meet Mr. Goddio at MIA where more than 250 pieces of his discoveries are on display in Egypt’s Sunken Cities exhibit. He was enthused, proud, informative and introspective. I asked him about his fascination of dead Egyptian and Egypt ancient history where Egyptians themselves don’t really care that much or don’t even bazar. Most Egyptians never visited the Pyramids, Egyptians are consumed by their modern Pharaohs more the ones lived thousands of years ago.

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Tahrir Square and the birth of a nation

Thank you Tahrir
Ahmed Tharwat
On my last visit to Egypt, as I landed at the airport I noticed that Egypt has changed. Security were screaming the names of VIPs or travellers who have connections. I went through the check out. “Do you have anything in these bags,” asked the airport security?

“Not really a few gifts and my underwear,” I joked. Go ahead, he ushered me through the gate with a smile. This was the last smile I saw in Egypt throughout my trip. I asked the taxi driver to take me to Tahrir Square.

“For what sir? Nobody goes to Tahrir Square anymore, only Al-Sisi supporters,” he whispered.

Take me there anyway, I requested. I wanted to see the place where the revolution started, where the Egyptian popular uprising that erupted on 25 January resulted in the birth of a nation. The place where millions of Egyptians found out that Egypt is their own country and not Mubarak’s and his family’s.

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Minnesota friends of Bibliotheca Alexandrina Honoring Dr.Serageldin

Minnesota friends of Bibliotheca Alexandrina Honoring Dr.Serageldin

Ismail Serageldin (born 1944 in Giza, Egypt), who is the director of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. was honored by friends of the library here in Minnesota.
Also Egyptian Ambassador Mohamed Tawfik was present!
The Library of Alexandria was reborn in October 2002 to reclaim the mantle of its ancient namesake. It is not just an extraordinarily beautiful building; it is also a vast complex where the arts, history, philosophy, and science come together. Moreover, the myriad activities it offers have made it a place for open discussion, dialogue, and understanding.
Friends of the library in minnesota hosted the founder Dr. Ismael Serag El Din, Bibliotheca Alexandrina


Egyptian lives before Military took over…!! 1930!

before the city took over all resources, and rural egypt was ignored and neglected..