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    TweetSince the 9/11 tragedy, Muslims have been in self-Quarantined and self-preservation. Living in America as a Muslim has been a tough ride, and a constant struggle, stumbling over the bumps of Islamophobia, racism, and war on terrorism craze. The horrific pandemic that has infected more than a million people around the world and killed more than 50,000 so far has dramatic ramifications not just on the financial structure of our economy, but, more importantly, on our culture and values. As professor Schultz of Hamline University explained on my show, said: Albert Camus’s The Plague and The Stranger. Together they capture the absurdity and tragedy of life in the age of Covid-19, one full not…

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    The Hijab … and other scary stories.

    TweetCloth throughout history  worn for a political, personal or functional reason. Muslim cloth in general and Hijab in particular, have triggered so much debate and controversial in this country. America seemed  obsessed with what Muslim women wear or don’t wear as if the only problem we are facing in this country. where, Political hijab is celebrated everyday in the White House and national news.  The symbolism of Muslim hijab ranges from an oppression of Muslim women to a strong identity and a strong feminist stand.  Lately we have two Muslim women who used hijab to break ground with totally different symbolism. “Halima Aden and Rep. Ilhan Omar. “Halima Aden both,  brook…

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    Just Do It…. InShAllah!!

    Tweet Just Do It!! InShAllah!!   The sportswear giant Nike has finally realized that the hijab is not a symbol of oppression after all, but again, only if it is their design or has its logo. The hijab that Muslim women have been wearing for hundreds of years has gotten the recognition it deserves. The issue of hijab and Muslim dress is taking a huge space of our conversation. This is not just in the west but also in the Muslim world. Ironically while Nike is trying to tap in the huge hijab Market, some Muslim women now, are taking them off to show the modern warm soft Islam. Last…


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