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    My Conversation with Lebanese Filmmaker Mae Abdel Sater

    Tweet      Mae Abdel Sater BIO, Im a Beirut based Visual artist and Documentary maker. I have a bachelor in Theatrical Cinematographic and Audiovisual Studies, from Saint Joseph University of Beirut. I manifest “Beirut” and its hidden testimonies as the main inspiration to my canvas. “Milk Tea” is my first official documentary, where i take you on a nostalgic journey down Beirut’s memory lane though a political artistic lens. This documentary pays tribute to Beirut’s reminiscence. By taking a trip down my family’s memory, guided by my father, who has always been the eyes I see this city with. My story narrates the tales of three generations; immigration to…

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    … the Coptic Grave

    Tweet      Notes from America: Muslims and Christians – At war in life, at peace in death On a hot summer afternoon, Standing along with a few hundred Muslims at the Garden of Eden Islamic Cemetery located in a remote corner of a Christian cemetery in Burnsville, Minnesota, mourning the death of one of our friends, the reverences and the respect were not just given by Muslims, but also by the staff and workers at the Christian cemetery. Everyone was taken by the gravity of the situation. Cemetery workers dug the grave, carried the coffin, lowered it into the grave, and waited quietly away until the end of the…

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    BelAhdan Movie Night Hosted by, The Film Society of MPLS/St.Paul

    Tweet    BelAhdan invites you to our night of film and friends… Free Showing of a film documentary by Abdel Messeh, a French filmmaker of Egyptian origin. “The Virgin, the Copts and Me” A kick Start event for Ahmed Tharwat’s project New Film Documentary “The Coptic Grave”…. The Program Carolyn Greene, MC (Marketing Plus International) A poem by Sid Ahmed A guest of Honor (Surprise) A word from Ahmed Tharwat /The Coptic Grave project BelAhdan TV piece “The Bread” Q&A from audience Egypt Trivia Game and Prizes The Virgin, The Copts, and Me Post Film Discussion Sweet & Tea The showing is free, but to guarantee your seating please reply…


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