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From Homs to Istanbul The life of a displaced Syrian Part I

Aboud Dandachi is an activist from the Syrian city of Homs, currently residing in Istanbul. He has been cited on issues relating to the Syrian conflict in the BBC, NPR, LA Times, the Guardian, Al-Arabiya and Turkiye Gazetesi.

Aboud’s articles have been republished on numerous media outlets including Daily Sabah, Elder of Ziyon, EA Worldview, and Frontpage Magazine
Barack Obama is a man who desperately wishes that foreign-policy wasn’t part of the job description that comes with being President of the United States. After six years of trying to “pivot” away from the Middle East, Obama is discovering that just because one doesn’t have an interest in the Middle East, is no immunity from the Middle East biting one in the ass..”



Arab Spring… 3 years later… Professor Fouzi Slisli

This video is about BelAhdan… Arab Spring 3 years later, how the Arab spring turning to a harsh winter… people in Egypt after rising up and toppling a 60 years of Military dictatorship, now they are rallying after a 2nd class general, his only military accomplishment is liberating 2 squares from peaceful protestors..in Syrian where we had the most peaceful uprising turning to a bloody one..where more than 12000 dead already..

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