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    TweetThe Slap As Millions of Americans were consumed by the supreme court confirmation hearing circus, where the Republicans, as the Times puts it, “aggressively manhandled” judge Ketanji Brown Jackson trying to get the black woman off the supreme court front bus. Then Oscar’s Slap happened last Sunday, and this overshadowed everything, even the horrendous Russian invasion of Ukraine and the new “Hitler of Europe;” Putin was pushed aside.

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    TweetThe Japanese American political scientist Francis Fukuyama published 1992,  The End of History and the Last Man.  He explained that after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the fall of the Berlin wall. The end of ideological conflicts and the beginning of a post-political and post-ideological era. Mr. Fukuyama declared the West has won and Western liberal democracy as the final ideological stage of human evolution. The book was criticized, especially by Samuel Huntington in his book published 1993, the Clash of Civilization. Huntington, unlike Fukuyama, thinks there are no universal values, and the world is divided into distinctive cultures and civilizations;. “The Islamic civilization, he wrote, is the…

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    TweetThe Nazi Moment “To be honest, if it weren’t for this bomb, I wouldn’t be alive today,” casually explained my liberal friend why America had to drop nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Wiping out 100.000’s of Japanese for my friend was rationalized; it was necessary so he may have gone to fight at the Pacific and died. My friend is a liberal, a good American, a humanist, an educated, well-traveled, and is toned to world affairs. support BLM and Me Too ” movements, environmentalists, and rally against wars in the middle east. “when it comes to dropping the big one, my liberal friend had what I call a temporary…


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