Spare Me ” Israel is the Only Democracy in the Middle East Crap !”

Lots has been made of the latest Israeli banning of two Muslim congresswomen, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib from visiting . None, however, has been said about the other congressmen/women who are actually went! It is customary for freshmen/women congressmen to visit Israel even before they go to their offices in Washington. These trips usually organized by AIPAC, Israeli advocate organization or any of its branches to arrange such trips. As it was reported “last week 41 Democratic members of Congress went to Israel on a trip sponsored by American Israel Education Foundation, a branch of AIPAC. “This is the largest delegation that has ever visited Israel,” bragged House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, who led the trip.” The banning of the two Muslim congresswomen by Israel as it was reported in New York Times was Under intense pressure from President Trump, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government on Thursday barred two members of the United States Congress from entering Israel for an official visit, ..”

…  according to an Israeli official close to Netanyahu’s  office said on Thursday, that was through a direct phone call to Bibi (cute). Let me start by saying this, spare me your shocks and awes craps, stop the charade of “this ban is going to hurt the image of the “The Only Democracy in the middle east!”  I Know it is complicated,  but if you take God out of the real estate business, Israel is a white nationalist European settlers project,  now it is a simple math,  a president who is banning Muslims and color people from entering the country, pressured another head of an Apartheid state to ban two color Muslim congresswomen from visiting. Both are the worst symbol of White nationalism that has been in both countries since the beginning when white European settlers came to the two countries. Trump siding with the only apartheid state in the middle east is no surprise. Lots of people have been banned from entering Israel, Millions of Palestinians have been denied the right of return. Israel since the beginning was a white European settler project that fought, terrorized,  took the lands and rights of the color native, even the colored Jews (Mizrahi/Sephardim) were also along with the oppressed Palestinian Arabs  by the new white stallers at the time (Sephardic). I don’t know how many Americans or even Israelis know about black panther activities in Israel, here in America The Black Panthers were paying attention to the connection to oppressed color people in Israel and its connection to white racism and slavery in America.  MLK, was reluctant to talk about the human rights of the Palestinians, fearing upsetting the Jewish supporters who want to keep it in realm of civil right and not extended to human rights, like in Vietnams and elsewhere. Nothing new, America supported the white nationalist project in Apartheid South Africa, Hitler’s Nazim who was inspired by white racist America, we tolerated Hitler and in the beginning were willing to work with him, resulted in turning away Jews fleeing Europe.  Racism has been part of the American history since the beginning, even Lincoln best solution for blacks after emancipation, was to go back to Africa, plantation and slavery was the backbone of accumulating wealth for white folks, the idea that white people are superior race, and should have more power than colored ones is a well-established racist idea in America psychic . Explained Jamelle Bouie.  So after banning the two congresswomen from viting and invitigate the status of the vulnerables oppressed palestinians, the questions is now, who is going to speak for the venerable Palestinians in this country and make the racist connection. Prepare yourself to be shocked and outraged at the dangerous and radical lengths that the Israeli Zionist propagandists go to in order to foment a positive image for Israel in the Western world while subjecting Palestinians to the harshest and most inhumane occupation of our time. Using subversive and psychological means in which the Zionists use language to cover up their crimes against the Palestinian people. We always accustomed to the media justification of the overwhelming bombing and killing of Palestinians, with the mentra,  “Israel has a right to defend itself.” The truth is that Israel is an occupying force and the occupied (Palestinians) have a legal right under international law to resist the occupation. Thomas Friedman in his Times piece that was supposedly be critical of Israel, titled “If You Think Trump Is Helping Israel, You’re a Fool” but as someone once said if you want to tell a lie convincingly, tell a few truths, so that was the small truth part but her is the big lie of the big idea man. Talking about Ilhan Omar’s politics he explained,  “… .. I am particularly unhappy with Representative Omar  .. I know that more than a few Somali immigrants in Minneapolis, who face so many challenges — from gang violence to unemployment — are asking why is Omar spending time on the West Bank of the Jordan and not on the West Bank of the Mississippi? This probably something Friedman  got from a cab driver,his favorite source, ”, I wonder what Friedman would do, after Uber introduces drive-less cars. First of all rep Ilhan is an American congresswoman, who was elected by a more than just the Somalis, and she is a member of Foreign Relations Committee, and that what they do there; they look into foreign affairs and specially our relationship with a foreign country that we give them billions of dollars aids to bombe, to occupy and support the worst dictators in the area. Lots of pundits are trying to paint the newly elected, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and AOC, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, as the radical left who are going to shake up and bring down the Democrats. The Party has been kidnapped by the Wall Street Democrats, Pelosi, Clinton, Obama Biden, Harris, and needs to be shaken up anyway. However, Rep. Tlaib and Ilhan and the rest of the Squad left, are  shaking the American stereotype of blacks, Latinos,  Arabs and Muslims, they are in particularly shaking the demagoguery of Trump. They are the kind of people who keep up Trump and his white nationalist supporters at night… Tweeting nonsense… Like most recent one, Jews who will vote for democrats are extremely disloyalty ..  dont wait or an apology anytime soon!

Ahmed Tharwat / Host/Producer of Arab American TV show BelAhdan


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