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A Medical Doctor , Reflects on his Syrian Refugees works with Music!



Dvorak is a Twin Cities physician practicing emergency room medicine. In his spare time, he volunteers at a local urban clinic serving low-income patients. Over the years, Dave has made many trips to developing countries to care for the poor and underserved. Most recently, he traveled to the Greek island of Samos to provide medical relief to Syrian and Iraqi refugees fleeing war and torture in their homelands. This experience inspired “Refugee Lullaby,” a moving ballad that gives voice to a father trying to explain this troubling international issue in a way a child can understand.

With the help of local music producer Don Strong, Dave’s sometimes playful, sometimes political, and always thought-provoking lyrics are infused with compelling rhythms. “Things You Cannot Measure,” a highly infectious reggae groove, puts our modern-day preoccupations into their proper perspective. “Stella Jane,” a musical tale in the gypsy-jazz tradition, warns listeners away from the charms of a soul-stealing temptress.
All songs on the CD lend a poetic voice to Dave’s belief that, “In a frenetic, data-driven world, it is the enduring experiences of love, suffering, and compassion that define our time on earth.”
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