Egyptian security arrested a 16 year old boy for flashing a sign, … !! a letter from his mother!!


I received this poetic letter from an Egyptian mother, where Abo Elbaraa, her 16 year old son was arrested , 1/12/2014 sent to detention in EL Merg, Mansoura, (my home town) put on trial as an adult, tortured, and abused in prison… ,he was accused of threatening national security for flashing Rabaa sign being in one of the protests that is taken place daily in Egypt. I cant verify her story but what is going on in Egypt now… I have seen worst…!! please give her a word of support.
Om Albaraa
Mother of Albaraa
Almansoura, Egypt

Salam Alykom,/Peace Upon You
Dear Mr. Ahmed
It is very hard for me to tell my son story… it is a story of a young kid who filled my life with love and kindness .,on Jan/ 12/2014, at night, the security came brook the door, stormed into my house, and without any warning or explanation, they snatched my son away, as everyone in the house was in shocked, my son vanished in the dark.

Since his missing, I feel like a prisoner without any sight, walking aimlessly on an endless road, ..looking for a smile, lost in a sea of sadness, breathing air that is suffocating me.
My son was gentle young man , loving and giving kid…, loved by everyone.. he never had any grudges, loves the younger and respect the older.. ,
He loves to inspire his friends to do the right things, and steer them away from unseemingly ways. Missed by his friends, and relatives and wishing him all the best… and safe return, with all prisoners in Egypt.

Om Albaraa, Mother of Albaraa
Almansoura, Egypt

“Please call my mother and let her know that security is taking me away, .. I have no idea where they are taking me” , that was the last words heard from Albaraa to Rania Abd El Mouman , a friend with the mother, who was released from the same detention with Albaraa


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