For over 60 years  the Egyptian military has been in control of Egypt affairs, in war and peace, and not doing an outstanding job in either;  I must say. The militarization of Egypt has been normalized, institutionalized , popularized,  and legalized.  The Military dominance of Egypt has relied on two fundamental things, a strong Propaganda machine,  and a complete secrecy.  However when the rotten system of 30 years of Mubarak was finally brought down in 18 days.  The military played it smart, sided with the people against Mubarak and his son’s inheritance project . SCAF ( Supreme Council of the Armed Forces)  took over and ran the country for 18 months, There was a election and a civilian president was elected., the  Military has given Morsi and the brotherhood enough robe to hang themselves. Then in one year the military in a full secrecy and with the help of the deep state of the old regime, they toppled the first elected civilian president in Egyptian history in a military coup; they started a major cracking down on brotherhood and any symbol of the revolutionary. The Military is back in full control of Egypt and the Egyptian Military has been grooming General Sisi to become the Egyptian next president.  They promoted him to a field marshal overnight with no credential to speak of other than surviving the fatal crash of the infamous military flihght990 , on October 31, 1999, by staying home and not taking the flight.. This Military propaganda machine with the help with the Hysterical media, turned general Sisi to

​ be​ the darling and the savior of Egypt, women sweetheart ,  inspiring a new genera of patriotic music , artist singing Sisi songs flirting with the handsome young general who according to his supporters defeated Islamists, America, Obama, Hamas, Al Qaeda, and Hezb Allah  all together in one strike; the Ataturk of Egypt.

​eight month after expelling Morsi, ​no words of who is going to run for presidency,

The Military has been exercising a great deal of secrecy in grooming their man, people start wondering if Sisi is actually going to run or not, the only talk of the town. and ​Sisi is acting like the reluctant leader, “I cant refuse people wishes” he keep saying without explicitly​ announcing his candidacy.  Although media hysteria which already elected Sisi as the default president, and as someone joked “we will worry about the election later”,  releasing a report on the major accomplishments of the Military industry complex, from building “projects 10 times the size of pyramids” one militiaman claimed, to the announcement of a cure for AIDS and Hyptite C by another. Although there is no any serious creditable challenger to Sisi presidential ambition,  Still the field marshal  is not willing to take  off his military hat an throw it in the presidential ring, even a sudden trip to Putin Russia in a civilian clothe didn’t help matter.  Lots of Egyptians start wondering if Sisi is really still running for presidency, everyday  there is a new a twist and turn, the secrecy of the military strategies is creating a web of speculations about the Military intention and its future plans. However the military generals are acting like cardinals turning Egypt to another Vatican, where the presidential election of a new pope is taken place. Now, Egyptians are eagerly waiting for their new president; their eyes are transfixed on the Military cardinal chimney hopping for a white smoke.

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