BelAhdan at the Festival of Nations , 2013… the Battle of Baklava and Clash of cultures!! finger weaving Vs. Hunting!

Started in 1932, the Festival of Nations, a program of the International Institute of Minnesota, provides an interactive educational experience about the different cultures that make up our community. Over 90 ethnic groups participate to share traditions and customs through food, music, arts and dance in a non-commercialized event. The vendors who participate are, or represent a non-profit organization for the purpose of educating the community about their culture. Many also represent local ethnic organizations such as the Taiwanese Association of Minnesota (TAM) or the Karen Organization of Minnesota (KOM).

The Festival of Nations is a family friendly event open to all ages. There are five areas of the event: cafes, demonstrations, exhibitions, dance and bazaars. In addition, three stages of music run continuously throughout the four days.

The Festival of Nations is held at the St. Paul RiverCentre (next to the Xcel Center), downtown St. Paul. Two parking lots are connected to the RiverCentre and multiple lots are available within easy walking distance.


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