Al Ambobah

Al Ambobah

As old as Egypt

Literally  means the Tube, it is a propane cooking tank that Egyptian have been using and abusing for years.. , they fight over it in the street, they throw it off trucks on the ground, they tab on it with wrenches to announce its delivery, they kick it, they role it, they sit on it when tired, they carry on their shoulders, they hug it when cold, Egyptian not afraid from it, , it is made in Egypt, abused by Egytians and the most useful device in all Egypt. Government use it to create crisis for crowd control, , politicians gets favors giving it away, … it is as old, dirty, durable, authentic, real,  and as patient as Egypt, never complains, never explode,  always abused,  Egyptains call it “Al Ambobah” … if you are visiting Egypt and see this kid rolling it,  don’t be afraid, just join the Ambobah… welcome to Egypt


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