Tahrir Square, … Egypt birthday Cake

Tahrir Square

It  was 2 am,  walking through Tahrir Square , things are  very quiet and calm, poles standing tall with their dim lights, as if they don’t want to disturb the glorious starts, trees are standing in silence protesting the sick polluted air, the naked empty benches looked rested, the jasmine spreading its fragrant in the air, elegant building surrounding looking over the empty square, dogs and cats reclaimed the streets voicing their graveness, rooming freely with a sense of triumph, the trash dancing by the sidewalks… the ignored big fountain  shedding its tears  in grief , at distant security guards are deep asleep, neglected animals  don’t revolt, things are stable, rockbottom stability is boiling underneath,  … then came January 25th, millions of angry Egyptians  filled the Square, people everywhere you look, covering the wide public square ,   everything looked the same, the sold massive connected human body surrounding  the big fountain, turned the public Square to  a gigantic birthday cake,  … Egypt is now celebrating its you new birth, and Tahrir  Square reclaimed its rightly name… Liberty

Ahmed/ 9/2011


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