The Arab revolution… 6 month later

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The revolt against dictators and autocratic régimes in the Arab world has been going on for more than half a year now, The Arab spring still in its infant revolution stage, the rebirth of a nation usually is much harder than starting one. The Arab spring has been dynamic and flexible in its natural and formation, it changes its shape and endurance from one Arab country to another based on the country history and relationship with the outside world. But one thing is clear, that the Arab revolutions learn from each other, and get inspired from their brothers all over the Arab world. as the famous Egyptian Blogger Mahmoud Salem (@Sandmonky) tweeted “think of the Arab revolution like a big turbine with a few missing teeth, every time it slowdown in one country, it picks up again somewhere else” The Egyptian revolution was inspired by the Tunisian one before it, and the quick toppling of its dictator, now the Egyptian revolution started looking like the Syrian, where the Military is using hired thugs (Baltegeyah), in Syria called (Shabeehah), to counter the peaceful protesters who feels the Military is not serious about real change. The Tunisian revolution that inspired Egypt after a brief cooling off, has been reignited once again and inspired by the enduring Egyptians persistence in Tahrir Square, where until today there is demonstration; calling on every Friday for a one-man march demanding speedy change and bringing the Ex-president and his regime. the Yemenis revolution is becoming looking like the Libyans revolution, where they resorted to violence and arms struggle to topple the out of touch president Saleh Abdullah, who escaped an assassination attempt and now is licking his wounds in a Saudi hospital.., Qaddafi is now confined to his own delusional Zanga making no concession or sense, and the Mubarak, the new Pharaoh who prides himself of having peace with the Israeli and the Americans, but had wars with his own people for 50 years, now is hiding behind his own injected coma shield , Bashar of Syria the ugliest Arab leader we ever had, literally, has been lost in a world he never felt comfort in, the once eye doctor lost his own political vision and most of his friends, it is just keeps on going, The Moroccans are finally waking up and finding out that they are Arabs too, now marching to the street protesting the new farcical constitution referendum that gives the King a divine status, throughout all these , the Arab intifada against their own dictators modern self-occupation, it was easier to topple pro-American dictator like Mubarak and Ben Ali, Saleh, than ant-American dictators like Assad and Qaddafi. The Arab revolution is one revolution… and the Arab Spring is sweeping the rotten Arab regimes regardless of foreign attempt to manage the turmoil, from America, Israel, Saudi Arabia or Iran everyone was caught by surprise and doesn’t know what to do. The Arab Spring is inspiring everyone in the area making the impossible one day possible now, giving hope and a historical reference point to millions of young Arabs, giving them a roadmap to what they can do, as the Arab dictators learn from each other in suppressing their own people trying to survive, so are the Arab people and protesters in the streets and squares, and the chanting “People demand toppling of the regime” has become simply the basic demand for all Arab people across the region, demanding a new political dawn, with no political agenda or power grapping, just toppling the regime is their best gain, bringing smile back to the Arab street, what will happened after that, is unknown, this will be their biggest challenge.

Ahmed Tharwat/ TV host, Public Speaker


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