King Tut is visiting America


Tahrir spirit didn’t reach MN Science Museum
This Sunday I visited King Tut exhibit at MN Science Museum, St. Paul. As you approach the exhibit gate, the deep authoritative voice of Harrison Ford demanded , “to enter the golden world of the pharoses”, King Tut exhibit US tour, in our drive through culture gives some Americans a snapshots on, as the deep voice of Mr. Ford at the gate tells us, “the riches of royal life in Egypt more than 3,000 years ago”, the exhibit organizers done a great job of that, great lighting, reverent display of the King, to the point I almost tolerated the repugnant Zahi Hawass ‘the supreme council of Egyptian antiquity” as his title in the video flashes, grandstanding lectures and presentation, even his English lecture was subtitled which I think won’t go well with the darling of American media Mr. Hawass, the only spokesperson for Egyptian antiquity for last 20 years. exhibit lighting and the displays, the attention giving to every details is breathtaking, which incidentally much reverence than what Dr. Hawass himself is giving Egyptian antiquities back home, and specially at Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Which looks like a warehouse? At the end of the visit, as you are leaving the exhibit, you are forced through an IKEA style exit into their gift shop, no way out, only to find the 3000 of experience transformed into a Mickey Mouse experience, where the shelves fare full of King Tut paper masks, hats, plastic rings, T—Shirts and other marketing memorabilia. No deep voice talking to you at the gift shop, only young volunteers looking pretty and smiling. But what almost turned me to a Mummy instantly was, as I’m trying to avoid the commercialization of 3000 years history, I spotted at the front of the exhibit a live side poster of Dr. Hawass the modern Egyptian Pharaoh , with his famous American cowboy hat, standing next to a disclaimer that claims all funds generated from the exhibit will be giving to Suzanne Mubarak Children Museum. Only another take confirmed what I just read, Suzanne Mubarak. Have the folks at MN Science Museum heard of the Egyptian revolution and the Arab Spring, haven’t they realized that, Dr. Hawass and Miss Mubarak wear allegedly accused of looting Egyptian treasure and wealth, Miss Mubarak herself had to give back $25m that was donated to the Alexandra library by the international community that she pocketed into her personal account to be let go out of jail, she still under investigation. Dr. Hawass was sent to one year in prison, (bending appeal now), and is accused of using his close association with the Mubarak family to accumulate wealth and fame, according to most Egyptians he is an opportunistic at best and the dictator of Egyptian antiquities at worst, as FP magazine reported “ …In a separate scandal, several Egyptian publications are claiming that Hawass used priceless artifacts in the Egyptian museum’s collection for a photo shoot to promote his fashion line. The photos, seen here, show a model appearing to sit in Tutankhamun’s chair and leaning on frescoes”. There was a revolution in Egypt where millions of Egyptians went to street, put their lives on the line to red Egypt of 30 years of Mubarak dictatorial rotten regime, and here is the MN Science Museum in alliance with National Geographic bringing them back painful memories, ignoring the fact that King Tut Exhibit, the golden Egyptian antiquity treasure is brought to you by the biggest looters of Egyptian Antiquity., Dr. Hawass and Miss Mubarak. I sent a letter to the Science Museum PR department bringing their attention to this clausal misjudgment, they kindly and promptly responded and assured me they are working on changing the sigh and the names. According to Science Museum website, Dr. Hawass came to town to “ … presents… “Egypt Past and Present” on Friday, June 10, 8 p.m. at the Fitzgerald Theater, this is an insult to the millions of Egyptians who revolted and toppled the Mubarak’s regime, and his cronies one of which is Dr. Hawass. The Tahrir Square spirit toppled the Mubarak of of Egypt, we need to topple the Mubarak of Egyptian antiquities. I called on all Egyptians Americans and freedom lovers for protest rally during his presentation, ( lots of people contacted Sconce Museum to ask for cancelling the Mubarak of Antiquities presentation, their I call on MN Science Museum and national Geographic to bring Tahrir spirit to their Exhibit and give the same attention and respect they give to dead Egyptians to the new Egypt and live Egyptians.
On the morning of June 10th, the day of his presentation I received a call form Dr. Hawass himself the king of Antiquates ask if who could speak with me, he was very generous and personal, he inquired about the rally and our concern, I asked him if he would be willing to speak on camera for a one on one interview, he immediately accepted. I went to the Fitzgerald Theater where he is speaking that night. The security there was unprecedented, around and inside the theater, Mark Leach, Senior Vice President of Arts & Exhibitions Internationale introduced himself, he was edgy and nervous, he took me to a backstage dressing room, Dr. Hawass came a few minutes later, he was energetic and enthusiastic. I greeted him with worm smile, I conducted my interview while security in the room. Dr. Hawass was controversial, pompous, contradictory, his use of English still limiting, he uses language that at time inappropriate, something like “Those Ass whole} the interview is posted entirely on my YouTube channel, and in this blog. After the interview, he invited me to attend his presentation, I was given 3 VIP tickets in a private Box, I know I shouldn’t accept gift from my subjects, but this was the only chance to cover his presentation, the theater was almost full, people wear lining up to sign his book, he was introduced as a rock star, people were fascinated by his entertaining style, kids adored him, his grandiose, self promoting is astonishing, the 1:30 Hour presentation was mostly about himself, his discoveries,and his celebrity friends… that night, the old King Tut was overshadowed by the New King…. Zahi Hawass,

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ALdostor Newspaper reports that he left Egypt far of prosecution… click
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