Who shot congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords

The talk of the town, the 24/7 news cycle, the media frenzy, everyone is rushing to be the first to come up with an explanation to the reason behind the shooting of congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and 19 others. America here we go again, searching deep in its soul, to find out what went wrong, who really shot the congresswoman, is it simply Jared Lee Loughner, who according to his notes hated her. Or the gun he used? How about Sarah Palin online fatwa to shoot, could it be? Or is it the right wing and Tea Party wacky rhetoric? Maybe the pot he smoked, or it wasn’t him at all but quite possibly his other personality he has as disturbed person with parent whom they neglected him… “Since getting out of high school, you could tell that Jared had become disillusioned with life and having to take on responsibility,” explained Whithed, 52,to the Independent newspaper. “You’d see him walking around and think, ‘That’s not someone I really want to know.’ He added. His school kicked him out and informed his parents “he would need a mental health clearance if he wanted to return” Reported the Newsweek. Jared Loughner … seems to have grown up in a private family setting”. The Washington Post. His parents were “huddled in seclusion in their Tucson home Monday night, his father crying and his mother so shaken she could not get out of bed” . Loas Anglos Times. And of all the people; Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, told his Guys, “shut up, tone It down” FoxNews knows finally when to tone it down. Accusation and blaming coming from the left and a tone down from the right, but the main question that everyone agreed on remains: was the shooting of congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and 19 others politically motivated? Isn’t politically motivated violence the essence of terrorism, but in our free press and openness, nobody is willing to use the T word when it comes to domestic violence , which our history is full of, from the assassination of president Abe Lincoln, John,and Bob, Kennedy , Martin Luther King, Malcolm X to Timothy McVeigh well planned devastated tragedy and the explosion in Atlanta . The act of terrorism is only reserved to those others, the colored people; the Muslims and Middle Eastern bad guys. Domestic violence in America presented and received as an aberration, committed only by disturbed individuals who needed help and psychoanalysis rehabilitation. Violence committed by Muslims against American is simply a terrorist act committed by single minded people who hate our way of life and want to hurt us. But an American outcast who hated every American around him and goes on a killing spree in Columbine, or Arizona, Texas, is just a disturbed person, he is mental, deprived of our love and care, TV show armchair experts went on deep into his mind to find out the real motive. When it comes to violence committed by Foreigners, nobody is willing to go as deep of exploration to the mind of the Muslims who committed act of violence. FBI may get in some disgruntled disturbed Muslim’s mind before they committee the act of violence, thorough trickery and entrapments. FBI has developed a knack in predicting Muslim violence tendency before it even happen. And when there is a violence committed by Muslim Arabs, it is always politically motivated and quickly brushed as an act of terrorism, case closed; no context, no history, no American invasion, no economic despair, no psychoanalysis; only showcasing and press conferences and grandiose announcements. Muslim terrorist are seem capable of committing violence with clear intention, to terrorize the American people. Domestic terrorist has just a misguided intention, committed by lost soul. The McClatchy News reported ”Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik said in an interview Monday that Jared Lee Loughner “targeted the congresswoman specifically; there’s considerable evidence to substantiate that.” ….. “When you try to rationalize irrational acts, you wind up with zero.” Wow, I couldn’t have explained it better. Back to square Zero

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