the story of Muhammad Bouazizi… it is an Arabic story.

… the story of Muhammad Bouazizi … is a modern Arab story
Muhammad Bouazizi, a handsome 26 year old Tunisian man, just out of collage full of hope and life. He was looking for a job to make a living and support his mother, any job would do, but as millions of Tunisians he couldn’t find a job in a country that is ruined by corruption, political oppression and 23 years of dictatorship of President Zine Elabidine Ben Ali. Muhammad Bouazizi, unlike most college graduates who wants a managerial jobs, bought a vegetable stand and started selling to the locals on the street. He was harassed, fined and beaten by the corrupt Tunisian police, who use their authority for profiteering. Mr. Bouazizi went to file a complaint in the local police; after desperate attempts to get his day in court, he was denied access to any hearing or justice. On December 17th, the young Bouazizi did something that has changed the Arab world political protest tradition, he committed public suicide that wasn’t politically or religiously motivated, he didn’t want to hurt or kill anybody for political gain, or religious revenge, he wanted to end his life to protest against life despair, he did it just for himself and his pride and that alone has captured the imagination of a country. Mr Bouazizi before his public suicide, posted a message on fbook for his mother “ Mom, I never cried or shed any tears … all the blames are in vain, in a world full of despairs” he wrote. He then went to the front of the Tunisian civic center where he was harassed and beaten, and set himself on fire. He died a few days later in the hospital surrounding by friends and family. His tragic ending started a new a revolution in Tunis, he set himself on fire that sets the whole country on fire; massive popular uprising everywhere in Tunis; the tyrant president Ben Ali, who ruled and ruined Tunis for 23 years took his family and fled the country, his flight took the Shah of Iran route before him, most countries refused to welcome him. For hours nobody knows where he was heading, he was finally accepted by another corrupt Arab leader in Saudi Arabia. The reaction to Mr. Bouaziz tragic death in Tunis was heard all over the Arab world, millions of people who gave up on hope and change in their countries started having life again. Millions of Arabs unlike in the west, were watching and taking notes. The Arab media specially Al Jazeera are leading the way in the street themselves. Lebanese broadcaster asking people to go out and revolt emulating the brave Tunisians heroes. Arab press showed a great deal of admiration to the new Arab hero, Mr. Bouazizi never wanted to be a hero, he never wanted any fame, he just wanted to have a decent life, he couldn’t live without dignity. The Arab conversation and revolt is taking place mostly in social media as fBook and twitter street where there aren’t police cars and tear gas. The long term impact of the Tunisian revolt, and what it would becomes out it remain to be seen. Arabs corrupt leaders are resilient and have no plans to change their ways anytime soon. President Qaddafi , the Libyan leader who had been in power for more than 40 years, the Sarkozy of the Arab world, knowing for his grandiose behavior, declares his support to the disposed Tunisian president. “ He could be a better president than president Ben Ali” asked n his message the Tunisian people. The fleeing president has been supported by all American administrations, republicans and democrats under the rubric of the so called war on terrorism. As the Tunisian revolution’s message to the corrupt Arab leaders; “start packing before it is too late”, The Tunisian revolution should also be a lesson to Obama administration; No invasion, no destruction of 7000 civilization, no killing of thousands of people and no sectarian war to justify regime change!! When this is left to the people themselves it is the real mission accomplished. My heart goes to Muhammed Bouaziz and his family. Your death has given life to millions of desperate people in the Arab world. I never dreamed it would happen in my life time…. he was handsome and full of life… they took his soul before he took his life! in the Arab world where they kill their own children! An Arab Tragedy …,

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