Build Your Body … not your Mosque – ahmediatv – Open Salon

Build Your Bod but not your Mosque – ahmediatv – Open Salon

On September 28th of 2000, then the prime minster of Israel Aerial Sharon visited the Islamic holy site, Temple Mount, also known as AL Haram Elsharif” in Jerusalem , unleashed the second Palestinian intifada that lasted for moths and caused tenths of death. The Israeli general confrontational visit to the Islamic holy site was looked at as insensitive to Muslims not so much that the site was holy , but occupied, adding insult to injury. Now and 10 year later, we have the American intifada against the so called “Ground Zero Mosque” A whooping 70% of Americans oppose the building of the Mosque in lower Manhattan. Thos are the same people who rallied around the Bush family to liberate Muslims in Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan, and assured their religion freedom. Recently America crowned a Muslim American to the beauty pageant. Muslims Americans are free to build their body, but not their Mosques. Most of the Muslims I talked to don’t care one way or another about the Manhattan Mosque. Muslims look at Mosque as a place of worship, however aren’t fixated on the divine place, Muslims don’t need a Mosque to pray, “The Earth is a Mosque” the prophet teaches us. American sudden idolatrous. obsession of the Ground Zero hallowed site has a long history of merican sense of exceptnalisim as the new chosen people. Americans Intifada turned the secular site of ground zero to a holy place, at the same time turned Muslim holy place to a scary one. This extreme love and extreme hate to places is a dogma found only in sects and Taliban like extremists; who also has an avid hate to place and statue. So many Americans are afraid of Mosques, and most of Americans never been in a Mosque , and without any evidence or rational think Mosques are center command for terrorists. Where in fact Mosques are the ones been threatened and terrorized in this country. I have been going to Mosques all my life, here and abroad, after each visit, the only people I would like to terrorize is the Mosque Imams themselves with their incoherent boring sermons, and my biggest concer is to find my own shoe among hundreds of other scattered shoes outside the Mosques door. Mosque is the most diverse place in America where people from all walks of levies with and backgrounds come together and practices Islam based on their own unique customs, and ethnicities; which makes it a very hard place to agree on anything let alone plot to hurt America. The 19 hijackers of 9/11 tragedy were plotting at bars in Florida not in mosques, bars are the places that should be barred from the hallowed site in Manhattan. Americans seem to blame the 1.5 Billion Muslims for a single act by a few criminals on 9/11, this guilt by association and the collective punishment that Americans have toward Muslim Americans,. Muslim Americans are actually the most moderate Muslims population in the Muslim world, who incidentally were victims themselves of 9/11 have become the American new bogyman in post 9/11 paranoia. The irony of all this, the Ground Zero Mosque intifada is taken place during the holy month of Ramadan for Muslims, at the end of this fasting month comes the celebration of Eid Elftr (Breakingfast feast) which will be for the first time on 9/11, an anti-Muslim church community in Florida is celebrating on that day by planning to publicly burn copies of the Islamic Holy book, .You would never see a Mosque no matter how radical or wacky it is reciprocate to a such pervert behavior. Here is my advice to Muslim Americans on 9/11, abandon your Mosques, celebrate Eid Eftar only in shopping malls, Americans would be more likely to accept you as a faithful consumer but not as a faithful Muslim.
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