Muslim of the world refudiate .. plz

Muslim around the world refudiate .. plz
“Ground Zero Mosque supporters: doesn’t it stab you in the heart, as it does ours throughout the heartland? Peaceful Muslims, pls refudiate,” Palin tweeted to Muslim (not even deserving Americans hyphenation) to stop supporting building an Islamic culture center two blocks from ground zero, which it has been in planning since 2000. As a peaceful Muslim myself, one of the good ones; I never killed anyone or hijacked any airplane and I’m obviously haven’t taken any suicide mission for El Qaedah. I would do anything to please Ms. Palin but I don’t know how to refudiate the building of the ground zero Islamic culture center. I could careless if they build this center or not, as my prophet teaches us, the earth is a Mosque I can pray anyplace I want zero or not. The Americans who have been destroying and building whole countries that are full of Muslims, but “Muslims need to refutiate the building of their Islamic center in ground zero as symbol of good well. Ms. Palin later explained her abuse of the English language: “Refudiate,” “misunderestimate,” “wee-wee’d up.” English is a living language. Shakespeare liked to coin new words too. Got to celebrate it! Why only conservatives American have the right to celebrate the abuse of language. Let us all celebrate. As English as a second user myself, I’m all for deep linguistic celebration, “drill baby drill” but this Shakespearian outburst of Ms. Palin liberal drilling of the English language doesn’t extend to here drilling of free thoughts and ideas. The liberal pundits and commentaries were elated and focused on Ms. Palin linguistic handicap, however, what is really appalling in all of this, not so much Ms. Palin second language English skill, but here second rated intellect and her moral racial profiling. Why wouldn’t Muslim feel any different about ground zero than … the “heartland” people, lots of Muslims were victims of the tragic 9/11 event. But still building an Islamic culture center is as she tweeted it — a “stab…in the heart.” In spite of the fact that Most of hatred violence in this country is committed outside of Mosques and not from Mosques. Muslim Americans have gone a long way in this country, with crowning of Muslim American Rima Fakih of the beauty pageant. But it seems that in America building a beautiful body is much easier than building a beautiful mind.
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