Mark my words …

Hosni Mubarak Totally Looks Like Hoggle
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Mark my words …

The problem in this country as I see it, is this; there are too many talks shows and politicians. Talk show host especially radio talk show in the south, they are the real terrorist, that is why I never drove south to the heartland, they scary millions every day, 24/7, they are worst than suicide bombers, they are the suicide pilots. Mr. Chomsky explained their daily venomous propaganda as What is happening to me? I have done all the right things. I am a God-fearing Christian. I work hard for my family. I have a gun. I believe in the values of the country and my life is collapsing. Politicians and our two parties system are nothing but a stage for hypocrisy and undercover agents for corporate America. . There was the word, then god has spoken no more. The more species speak the more troubles and violence in the universe. The less animated spoken species are living in peace and harmony for millions of years; mountains, trees, and animals. We need new life amendments, we need serious interference, people should not just talk because they can, we need not to walk the talk but talk the walk! Hitler controlled the mind of Millions by his mastery of the words, I understand that images are now replacing words in our visual and digital age, however, images affects our emotions, but words control the mind, besides we can always close your eyes, but we can’t close our hearing. So here is my last word on this; everyone should be given at birth with his name a fix number of words in their lives, once they use them all they die; our life expire, taken off the shelf and put away like a rotten apple, isn’t apple what got us in trouble in the first place; written language, twittering and texting is included, and LOL is considered three words, so it would disappear from our lexicon, we will live in a lees noise world, les wordy world, and forced to think before we speak, and people will be very quiet in their old ages!! talk show hosts, (including me) will die earlier!! and Politicians and Arab leaders won’t stay in power for 30 years, end of the story!! Mark my words and mark my grave too!!

Ahmed Tharwat/ Host

Arab American TV show/ MN public TV


Ahmed Tharwat …. in the middle AhMedia.... احا مديا A media critic, and a media consultant... A show with an accent for those without one! AhMedia احا مديا Ahmed Tharwat/ Host BelAhdan TV show Freelance Writer, Public Speaker, International Media Fixer


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