Top Ten List

Top ten reason why the 81 year old Egyptian president Mubarak should be reelected for another 6 year- 6 term!!!

10. We don’t have to have his son around

9. He can’t do any worst

8. What you know is better than what you don’t know

7. Muslim Brotherhood, he is neither

6. With his age, god is the only political change agent

5. Just to keep up withLibyan Gaddafi

4. Bring him on, we have nothing to lose

3. Pharaonic Egypt deserve a new Pharaoh

2. El Baradei who …

And #1 reason why the 81 year old Egyptian president Mubarak should be reelected foranother 6 year6 term (36 years)

1.Using last election ballots would not just assure his victory but it would save us tons of money!!


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