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Who We Are
BelAhdan is a thoughtful TV program about Arab-Muslim-Americans telling stories about their lives, culture, politics, and bridging the gap between main-stream American.

Funding BelAhdan
As you may know PBS funding continues to be slashed year after year. BelAhdan does not receive funding from PBS. Our funding comes from private and corporate sponsors.

a niche market and the opportunity to tap its potential
There are 170,000 Arab/Muslim in Minnesota, 83% have seen Belahdan at least once in the last 4 weeks. Here is a medium to reach one of an affluent and growing segment of the Minnesota population. The Arab American population represents a loyal, young, educated market segment. The majority are American citizens who hold executive or sales positions or are entrepreneurs.


Arab Americans trace their roots to 22 countries in Africa and Asia that share a common language and heritage. There are of many religions.. The large majority of Arab Americans are native-born Americans, and 82% are U.S. citizens.
Ahmed Tharwat …. in the middle
About Ahmed Tharwat
Ahmed Tharwat began BelAhdan show in 1996 with a vision to. As a regular speaker and contributor on Public Radio show All Thing Considered, I have shared my unique view of world and American political and social events. As a regular contributor to StarTribune, the Pioneer Press, and Twin City Planet , also I have written to national and international magazines, such Slate, Diversify Inc and Al Jazeera English. I won the Pioneer Press community columnist award in 2000.
In all my work, I have been Trying to bring Arab/Muslims to mainstream Americans..
. I believe that when it comes to politics
“Nobody has a monopoly on stupidity”


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