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    Watermelon’s Summer Tales

    Tweet Watermelon’s Summer Tales Mark Twain once said, “When one has tasted watermelon he knows what the angels eat.” And most likely that angel was an Egyptian. Egyptians were the first to discover watermelons 5000 years ago and then shared them with the rest of civilization in the 10th century. When it comes to eating watermelons, there are many cultural rituals on how watermelons are consumed. The Japanese will elegantly decorate them and give them as gifts. In other part of Asia, people will pickle watermelons – a culinary violation that is very hard for Egyptians to swallow. Egyptians may pickle their Pharos, but watermelons are higher in their food…

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    Abu El Moursy …and the forbidden fruit

    Tweet The Forbidden Fruit He was as old as his fruit, enigmatic with uncanny smile and like most of villagers, a reluctant businessman. His desire to be left alone was much greater than his need run his business. You could safely say, he wasn’t from the enterprising village camp. Never seen in public, never seen walking in the street, going or praying at the Mosque. He miraculously avoided  weddings and funerals a weekly event in the small village of MeetSwaid. You never know if he was married divorced or has a family. In a place where everyone knows everyone else impossible to do, he was a mysterious figure. Abo Morsi was his…


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