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    Tweet Ahmed Tharwat Arab Proverb “If you eat alone you die alone.” I woke up this morning feeling uneasy about events around the world, especially in the Middle East, shooting, bombing and associations; violence is everywhere. A whole nation is being beheaded in front of our eyes in Aleppo and there is nothing we can do. So I asked myself the persisting question in life that is spewed and popularized these days: Do Arabs have a propensity for violence? So, as a devoted follower of Ayatollah Google, I searched for the truth and asked Google for help. Typing ‘Arab violence” in its magic box, I got more than 62 million…

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    Top 10 list of How you survive Thanksgiving Dinner with a Trump Supporter !

    Tweet How do you survive Thanksgiving dinner with a Trump supporter family member ! 10. Come late leave early . 9. Take off your hearing aids 8.Start drinking before you go! 7. Wear a Baseball hat 6. Stick with sports 5. Build a wall across table!  4. Keep your mouth full 3. Don’t bring the old immigrants story! 2. Going to the bathroom more often and the #1 . …Nothing but white meet!  Share This:


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