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    Tweet “Americans rather save weak, oppressed Muslim women abroad and at home; oppress strong Muslim women I. “ Since Reb. Ilhan Omar got on the public stage. She has attracted lots of attention, criticism, attacks and admirations.  Media, pundits and politicians scrutinized every move and every word she uttered.  Last week at a news conference, U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar held her smartphone and played a voice mail containing a threat on her life. The death threat came from an unknown man after Colorado Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert’s Islamophobic remarks. Boebert is not the first politician to try making a name for herself in a racialized political world — a world…

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    Don’t ask me about the Muslims Brotherhood, no more

    Tweet  Since the break in of the Arab Spring; the most transforming event in the Arab world history a year ago, people all over the western world, in the media, politicians, friends and enemies alike are asking what about the Muslim Brotherhood threat, what about the emerging of the Islamist, I can’t have a normal conversation about anything even sports without someone asking me,  what about the MUSLIMS BROTHERHOOD , how are they going to treat woman and the peace treaty with Israeli. Equating the human right of Egyptian women to a political treaty with Israel that can be negotiated. Everywhere I go people asking me about the Muslim Brotherhood…


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