Muslims Americans are politically homeless!

Muslim Americans never really made any serious impact or wave in the American politics landscape, even before the tragedy of 9/11, they have been inactive unorganized and frantic to be heard by the political elites; the dominant both party just don’t give us any respect and through all these years we have becoming politically homeless. We don’t usually get into the slicing and dicing of political pundit’s analysis of blue and red states business. In this presidential race the head of the elephant party never forgot the mediaeval crusade with Muslims and in his race and made jihad against Islam his main camping platform issue, as it was reported in Salon the online magazine by Juan Cole ” The American public, worried about mortgages, recession and a seemingly interminable war in Iraq, was … the remaining front-runners, John McCain and has said bigoted things about Muslims and their religion”. The head of the Donkey party never really understood how Muslims Americans vote and never pays attention to thenm, Obama the progressive one, the agent of change runs on the fact that he is not just a black, but most importunely he is not a Muslim, as if this is good enough to convince the Islam-phobic Christians Americans to vote for him, even if his Christian pastor hates America. He gets out of his way and desperately salivating to get the Jewish vote and avoid the AIPAC political wrath; vomiting the same tired old rhetoric of the unconditional support to the Jewish state, and promise to do he all he can in keeping Jerusalem undivided and the capital of the Jewish state; demonstrated his artificial knowledge of history and geography. Keith Ellison the first Muslim in congress, a staunch supporter of Obama, was advised by the Obama camping ad to stay invisible, which resulted in cancelling one of his support rally for Obama, it seems too risky, ‘We have a very tightly wrapped message.’ ”, Obama aid explained. Two Muslim women of Obama supporters were barred from standing behind the first Multicultural American presidential candidate in one of his inspiring speech. The community feels betrayed,” said Safiya Ghori, the government relations director in the Washington office of the Muslim Public Affairs Council. So what for Muslims to do comes general election in November, and what choices do they have, should they vote for the anger white man; John McCain who seems to despise them and their religion, or for the eloquent calm black man; Obama who ignores them; the running joke in the Muslims Americans community is: your support the candidate that you want him to lose. So I call on all Muslim Americans to eat their pride, we should got used to that by now, throw our support to Obama still, and show up in all his camping, and be visible. Why not, we just need McCain to win in November and clean up the eight years of political blunders by the republicans and their evangelical leader.

Ahmed Tharwat/ Host and Producer of the Arab American TV show BelAhdan

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