Production Projected Schedule 



Production Projected Schedule 



Phase I 

I have started on this project in 2014, have some research Interviews photo footage and background scenes that were shot on locations. Through my research I spoke with those who participated in the village debate and experienced the Christian/Muslim burial. Phase II&III the full documentary will investigate how people’s beliefs affect their own memories and stories, and the triumph of the human spirit against all odds.


I.        Production Phases

Description of Work Start and End Dates
Phase One Visiting of landmarks and significant locations, researching television archives 9/15 /2019
Phase Two On Location Production

15 days in eyewitness and experts)

5-10 Days in Egypt(meeting Coptic family)



2/1/2019 to  2/30, 2019



Phase Three


Post Production:

Editing, translation & finalization of the project will be done in Minnesota under my complete technical control.

4/20 to 6/20, 2020

Promotion  and Distribution

Submission of documentary to Mizna’s Arab Film Festival and the Mpls./St. Paul Int’l Film Festival, Arab Festival, Cairo, Egypt. 7/1/2022-2022





















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