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    TweetA mystery love story, of a young schoolboy trapped in his imaginations! The Village: I was born either on the First of August or the First of October it depends on my official certificate and family stories. This doubt carried on to the rest of my life.  My village Meet Swaid was small with one street, one river, one bridge, one mosque, and one school. The village resting on the bank of the Egyptian Nile delta. The narrow streets, the mud and windless houses connected like an old stalled cargo train. People’s lifestyles hadn’t changed that much since the time of the pharaohs, and local demographers couldn’t find any dramatic…

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    Media Fake Objectivity and The Story of Sophia Rashid .!!

    Tweet Seen I: The Visit  The Birthplace of Minnesota   On one beautiful Saturday afternoon, Sophia Rashid, a 25-year-old Muslim woman, decided to take her four-year-old daughter to Stillwater for an outing. “It was a gorgeous day,” she thought. Stillwater Afterall, as their website tagline says, Stillwater is “The Birthplace of Minnesota.” Sophia, like many Americans, went for burger and ice cream at Leo’s Grill & Malt Shop. As Sophia was leaving with her daughter, on the sidewalk, she was approached by Metscial gang. The Aryan Cowboy Brotherhood, the ACB, according to ADL, “… is a small white supremacist prison/street gang based primarily in Minnesota and Kentucky. violence racist prison criminal group.” The…

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    THE SHOEMAKER OF CAIRO جزمجي القاهره

    Tweet Mahmoud Saada, محمود سعاده   (  اشاش) The Shoemaker of Cairo, Worked in my Street where I grew up in Cairo, for 60 years, on my last visit last November I met him and had a conversation with him, his life, the changes in the street, his trade, and the people… Mahmoud died the same day I finished this video.. this is in his memories! Thank You On my last visit to Egypt, working on my documentary..on my street I met Mahmoud Saadah, they call him the Ministry’s Shoemaker… this is his story.. this is his memories.. The street inhabited by high-security buildings, Parliament, Prime ministry, and the Turkish embassy,…


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