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The only thing that stops a bad teacher with a stick, is a good student with a heart!


In my school, teachers were not armed with guns, only whipping sticks

The Trump-NRA scripted idea of arming teachers with guns is another uncooked idea worthy of a 3am tweet; in fact arming teachers will only hurt students and ultimately not protect them, especially students of color, as Jamelle Bouie wrote in Slate.com; “groups at the bottom of American race hierarchy receive the brunt of state violence, full stop.”

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Assafwah International Schools, come home to us!!

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Assafwah Private School Muscat, Oman is an upcoming BILINGUAL situated in the heart of Muscat. Assafwah Private School in Oman was started in the year 2000 with a strong objective in itself to provide a caring, secure and stimulating environment in which children, students and adults achieve their full potential knowledge through intellectual, cultural and sporting activities. In Pursuit of our Objective we aim to provide best quality of Education to our student, which enables them to move onto next phase of their educational life without any disadvantages. We are very proud of our heritage. We believe in traditional values & customs such as, courteous behavior and smart appearance. But we also seek new ways to prepare our students for a modern international world. We develop enthusiasm, tolerance, decency and a love of learning in our students. We promote the development of the whole individual within a dynamic, multicultural and responsible community.