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3 years later… How Egyptian Americans commemorating their Revolution…

Arab Spring 3 years later, how the Arab spring turning to a harsh winter… people in Egypt after rising up and toppling a 60 years of Military dictatorship, now they are rallying after a 2nd class general, his best military accomplishment is liberating 2 squares from peaceful protestors..
..this is the coverage of the panel discussion at The Islamic Center of Minneapolis, Masjid Al Iman, where some Egyptian Americans in Minnesota, commemorating the 3rd Anniversary of the Egyptian revolution, panel discussion and Q&A , Dr. Hamdy El Sawaf the organizer of the event,  Moderated  the the event, Dr. Ragui Assaad of Humphrey institute, and Dr. Mohammed ElMasry of American University in Cairo….
there wasn’t that much disagreements in the panel discussion, only a few in the interpretation but the stake was high in the audience crowd, the national fervor of a few Egyptians came out on surface , … ” You are from Bangladesh, what do you know about Egypt” shouted one from the audience at one of the speaker…, Dr. El Sawaf, the organizer.. did a masterful job to keep the evening lively and under controle… … .

Egypt was built by a “Halawani” sweets-maker, it may be brought down by a Sweet Potato Seller?

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Is he the new Khaled Saed victim, the young man who was tortured during Mubarark and the image of his messed up face circulated all over the internet and social media, which sparked the Jan25th revolution, would this young man who was shot by Military solder by the American Embassy, during latest protest spark another revolution. They call him, Sweet Potate Seller, his name hardily mentions., … after all, the one who built Egypt was a Sweetmaker (Halawani), and mayeb the one will bring Morsi regiem down is a sweet Potato seller!!


Top Ten Reactions to the sudden death of Mubarak’s former chief spy, General Omar Suleiman in American hospital!

10. God finally voted with us… (Muslim brotherhood)
9. I didn’t see it coming … (the man behind Omar Suleiman)
8. Sylmaya.. Sylmaya (Obama)
7.Egyptain hospital the way to go (Mubarak)
6. Find the black box… (Mursi)
5. Iron man has finally rested (Suleiman supporters)
4. The self made man meeting his real creator (a libral)
3. what do you means he is dead… (a fulole)
2. Im going back to Egypt … (Shafiq)
and # 1 Reactions to the sudden death of Mubarak’s former chief spy, General Omar Suleiman in American hospital!
1. The SOB planned his own death… one day before Ramadan (Tantawi)