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Jewish ISIS … and the establishing of the Jewish state !!

jewish terrorism 1947jewish terrorism 1947

jewish terrorism 1947

The early, relative success of the so-called Islamic State of Iraq Syria (ISIS) has exposed the bias of numbers of western military strategists, media and political pundits.  And, even as ISIS fighters are being pushed back by an international initiative, which are now willing to work with a murders like Assad to achieve their agenda. ISIS declarations of creating a Caliphate, a religious-based nation state intolerant of all except Sunni Muslims, is most reminiscent of Zionist goals and actions in the Mid East.


The modern State of Israel, to informed observers and historians, was a European colonial project that was understandably and compassionately driven by post World War II Holocaust guilt, but was none-the-less forced on Palestinian Arabs, Muslim and Christian.  In 1947, according to a United Nations commission report, Jews constituted less than 7% of Palestine’s population.  The militant Zionists jihadists among them had been terrorizing Palestinian villages to expand their control of certain areas even before the creation of Israel. You don’t have to go as far back as Torah, where the military conquest of the land of Canaan by the Hebrews in about 1200 B.C.E. is often characterized as “genocide” and has all but become emblematic of biblical violence and intolerance. God told Moses:

“But of the cities of these peoples which the Lord your God gives you as an inheritance, you shall let nothing that breathes remain alive, but you shall utterly destroy them—the Hittite, Amorite, Canaanite, Perizzite, Hivite, and Jebusite—just as the Lord your God has commanded you, lest they teach you to do according to all their abominations which they have done for their gods, and you sin against the Lord your God.[4]

The modern Zionist Jewish version of the Islamic ISIS firmly believes in a state based on religion and Biblical prophecies.  Zion means the Promised Land, But, as history tells us, getting God in the real estate business not a good business.  In Israel, it has brought troubles, the walling-in and walling-off people, the illegal settlement of Palestinian Arab lands by foreigners, and perpetual war. The similarities between the establishment of the Jewish State, “Jewish ISIS”, and the aspiration of ISIS to create an Islamic state – project is staggering.

As Islamic ISIS attracted jihadist from around the world, the Israeli paper Haaretz reported that,  Jews from around the world have always come to Israel to serve in the IDF. The Mahal volunteers of 1948, many of them World War II veterans, supplied much needed combat expertise to the fledgling army. Thousands of new immigrants who arrived in leaky boats during the first months of independence, mostly Holocaust survivors, were sent into battle with scarcely any training or equipment. , the paper reported.


Each grandiose religion scheme was launched by a terrorist organization.  In 1946, Menachem Begin, head of the Jewish “terrorist” gang called Irgun, placed a bomb in Jerusalem’s King David Hotel killing 91 people and attacked Deir Yassin, a small, nearby village killing 107 people.  Yitzhak Shamir, who would become Israel Prime Minister in 1983, had been a member of Irgun before joining the more radical “Stern Gang,” which is on record for participating in the Deir Yassin massacre and other terrorist atrocities.


Yitzhak Shamir has defended past Irgun and Stern gang assassinations with the same kind of logic as ISIS terrorist use now:  “it was the only way we could operate, because we were so small. So it was more efficient and more moral to go for selected targets.”


The selected moral targets not only included the afore mentioned atrocities, but the expelling of Palestine Muslims and Christians (not minorities) to permanent refugee camps, Sound familiar?  As Islamic ISIS has recruited disgruntled Iraqi former Baathist/Sadam Hussein generals to build their version of a Caliphate, the Jewish ISIS recruited European Second World War military leaders from Europe to subject Palestinians in Palestine.


Then, the Jew swept the week corrupt Arab armies, just as ISIS swept the week with corrupt Iraqi armies and Syria,  Like the Sunni ISIS,  Jewish military extremist HAGANA terrorizes innocent families forcing them to leave their farms, businesses and homes.   Some Palestinians still hold their house keys and their property titles.


Former Israel Prime Minister David Ben Gurion has said, “Without Deir Yasin there would be no Israel.”  Americans are not told that 10% of the Arabs killed by the Zionist terrorists in Deir Yasin were Christian and that of the property takings, 10% had been owned by Christians. Nor are we told the fact that Israel’s massacres and military actions forced 100,000 Christian Palestinians to become refugees.

The list of Jewish ISIS atrocities beginning in the 1940’s is long and blood stained and has never helped peace and community to germinate.

These are a list of atrocities committed by the Jewish state, as it is an article in the Times titled: Deir Yassin and the Challenge That Israel Faces Today

“ October 14-15, 1953 — Under the command of Ariel Sharon, Israeli squads attacked the unarmed Arab village of Qibya in the demilitarized one. Where they blew up 42 houses and killed more than sixty residents who were trapped inside. The details were so gruesome that the U.S. joined in a U.N. condemnation of the Israeli action, and for the first and only time, suspended aid to Israel in reprisal.”

Not to mentioned Golda Meir‘s statements denying there is a Palestinian people.


We all respond with shock and profound disappointment at the recent atrocities performed by some Sunni Muslims in Iraq – the ISIS paramilitaries.  But as Americans, we remain reluctant to compare the atrocities carried out by what can be called “Jewish Jihadists” more than 65 years ago and very reluctant to associate horrors wrought by the Irgun and Stern gangs of old what the Israel armed forces have been doing to Gaza over the past nine years.


A whole nation of people – the Palestinians – are, in a sense, being beheaded, yet sensational headlines scream out about the tragic and senseless beheadings of those who do not accept the ISIS jihadist way.


ISIS, like its earlier Jewish counter parts in Palestine, enlists foreign fighters to engage in a local, sectarian conflict.  But Sunni Muslim ISIS terrorists will not have a helping hand from the United States to create its version of a religious  state and they do not have the support of a much larger Muslim world.


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Jewish Jihadists … and Foreign Fighters Dilemma !


The Jewish Jihadist ,,,

On June 3, 2014 the Star Tribune, covered the issue of “foreign fighters” , that was entirely about Somali American fighters  coined (Lone Solders) allegedly traveled to fight abroad in foreign wars and non of any other Americans who travel elsewhere to fight like Israel. The Strib reported that the FBI is investigating information that members of the Somali community from the Twin Cities are fighting in the Syrian civil war. The article explained that two FBI agents met with a group of Somali-American leaders and members of the community at the Brian Coyle Community Center.

lone soldiers israel

Political science employ slightly varied definitions, so there are no universal criteria for identification. Crucially, however, most studies have assumed foreign fighters to be insurgents fighting against the government.

Beyond definitions, the term “foreign fighter” generally carries an implication of illegitimacy. In late 2001, al-Qaeda’s “foreign fighters” were shipped off to the Guantanamo Bay detention center in Cuba because they were regarded as both uniquely dangerous and uniquely “unauthorized enemy combatants.” Their legal status  according to American government : “They did not uphold international norms of citizenship and military allegiance, and stated that they in fact wished to destroy the international system itself. They were also not the primarily profit-seeking mercenaries already banned under international law.




lone soldiers israel
But this wont apply to Jewish Jihadists,  Washington post reported,  “Scholar on Islamist militant groups Thomas Hegghammer’s definition of foreign fighters specifically “excludes returning diaspora members,” and this would encompass Lone Soldiers such as Nissim Sean Carmeli, an Israeli-born Texan who was one of the Americans killed. No published academic definitions of foreign fighters would therefore include diaspora Jews fighting in the IDF.

In the announcement by the local FBI, it stated that in the investigation they were, “…reviewing information … to identify persons who may have traveled, and persons who may have intention to travel” to Syria, according to Kyle Loven, chief division counsel for the Minneapolis office of the FBI.

It’s interesting to note, that not only are those being investigated who actually traveled to Syria, but even those only thinking about doing so. However, when the FBI agent was asked how many people the FBI thinks might have traveled to Syria from Minneapolis, Loven said, “some — some who we believe have traveled, and some who may have considered it.” How would they know the information of who was ‘considering’ unless by using informants and spying on the community? The FBI further asked the Somali community to help in identifying potential suspects.

“This is similar to a situation which came to our intention in the fall of 2007 when young Somali men from Minneapolis disappeared, only to turn up in Somalia, fighting on behalf of Al-Shabab,” Mr. Loven said. He continued, “I urge the community to not be afraid to call the FBI.”


lone soldiers israel
Back in 2007, the FBI was alarmed, when a few Somali youth went back to Somalia and allegedly joined Al Shabab, classified as a terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department. At that time, the FBI started an investigation and there were trials, the storming of homes and interrogating questions of Somali families without any legal representation. Headlines and FBI warnings and alarms through the community went out to Somalia.

At that time. the United States District Court of Minnesota was very active, and reached out to our show, BelAhdan, to explain their position and what they were doing.  In fact, In fact, October 2010, FBI special agent Ralph Boelter

came on our show several times and was very amenable and forthcoming.

Turn now to the recent Israeli onslaught on Gaza, and Americans citizens fighting in that conflict.  It was reported that there are an estimated 2,000 Americans who traveled to Israel and are fighting in the IDF, and actually two of them lost their lives — a 24-year-old from Southern California and a 21-year-old from Texas. Their families said they both had a passion for Israel. How ironic.

On the legal front, FBI officer, Mr. Loven underscored that U.S. federal law prohibits American citizens from traveling to foreign countries to fight in foreign wars, whether they join FTOs, or military organizations not so designated.

Because of this obvious contradiction, I called the FBI district office here in Minnesota, and I asked Kyle Loven, Chief Division Counsel, about the Americans traveling to fight abroad, and whether there is any investigation into those who went to Israel to fight with the IDF like their counterpart who went to Syria or

This is not a new phenomenon,  “Lone Soldiers”  in the 40th, during the establishing of the Jewish state,  the recruitment drive launched in 1945 by David Ben Gurion, later Israel’s first prime minister, to obtain the assistance of diaspora Jews to rapidly build a regular military., Ben Gurion turned to none other the North American field experienced World War II combat veterans in a movement later known by the Hebrew acronym MACHA. Over 5,000 volunteers came from over 40 countries. The president of the MACHAL told Washington Post reporter, “had there been 20,000 of them, “there never would have been an East Jerusalem.”

The United States, bans foreign military recruitment, revokes citizenship for Americans who fight abroad, , and prosecutes individuals for joining groups determined to be working against national interests. But  as  the author of Foreign Fighters book, David Malat reported at the Washington , “… there is no penalty for serving in another country’s military or in a rebel group deemed non-hostile to the United States, and particularly that of one deemed to be an ally. Additionally, there could be a legal dynamic with dual American-Israeli citizens, who are required to serve as Israelis in the military, though that has not yet become a concern.”.

Those  “Jewish Jihadists,” who strongly believe in the Jewish state,  and have a great passion for Israel.  These are people like the ones who went and fought in the recent Gaza conflict, those new global Jewish Jihadists whose loyalty is so strong to the Jewish state that they leave the comfort of American life and go off to fight the Arabs in the Middle East, much like the Crusaders of their time.   “The bottom line is, I’m part of the Jewish people,” said David Joel, who grew up outside Atlanta and was inspired to travel to Israel and join the IDF fight.

“We decided that instead of going away we were going to donate something to the country,” he said. “We were Jewish, and we believe in the Jewish country. At the end of the day, it’s our nation.”

People like “Sean Carmeli  who is a hero of the Jewish people,” according to  Rabbi Asher Hecht, who is a family friend. “He gave his life to protect the survival of the Jewish people.”

This is not a new phenomenon, as Haaretz ; “ Jews from around the world have always come to Israel to serve in the IDF. The Mahal volunteers of 1948, many of them World War II veterans, supplied much needed combat expertise to the fledgling army. Thousands of new immigrants who arrived in leaky boats during the first months of independence, mostly Holocaust survivors, were sent into battle with scarcely any training or equipment. “ … The IDF reports 4,600 foreign “Lone Soldiers” currently serving, over one-third of whom are American (it is unclear how many hold dual citizenship).


The questions loom large. Shouldn’t it be a concern for the State Department that American fighters with loyalty to Israel and the Jewish state waged a jihad against Palestinians in the last assault on Gaza, in which 80% of those killed were civilians? When and if those Jewish Taliban  return back to the state, fully charged nd indoctrinated , and live among us, Shouldn’t this raise concern for thousands of Arab and Muslim-Americans who are spied on and monitored systematically? Shouldn’t we demand an investigation from the U.S. State Department and the FBI?  What should we think?.


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