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    Tweet March 28, 2020 American political economist, Francis Fukuyama in his book “The End of History”  he argued … since the defeat of the Soviet Union, Communism is collapsing, and China heading to the direction of a liberal free market would lead to the end of the history of conflict and wars. Since his book published,1992, wars never stopped, trillions of dollars spent on armaments, millions of people are killed, nationalism, nativism, xenophobia is spreading all over the world . Now with coronavirus pandemic, the old world order is collapsing before our eyes; the free market liberal west seems more helpless than the communist collective one. American hard power is…

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    Three Shots Of Tee

    Tweet  Three shots of tee In sports as in life as you grow older, the game gets slower and the ball gets smaller (pun intended). For me, I moved from playing football (soccer), to tennis and now to the game of golf. As a kid growing up in Egypt I had never had the chance to play this elusive game of golf or even see a golf course in person. But as Greg Mortenson, a controversial American social activist, in his book “Three Cups of Tee,” talked about an Afghani elder’s conversation with him while building schools for Afghani girls without consulting with the locals, “in Afghanistan” he advised, “First…


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