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Top Ten things about Football that could make America enjoy watching World Cup


Fifa 2014

10- It is called Football not Soccer

9. If you dont understand  the offside dont worry nobody does

8. No golden goal

7. A tie is called Nil Nil and not Zero Zero

6. It is the only world cup not a world cup

5. Only sport where an old colony gets the chance every 4 years to defeat  former colonist

4. Winning is not everything..

3. Only Goalie can use hands

2. A referee assistance not a linesmen

and #1 thing about Football /Soccer that would make an American enjoy watching World Cup

1.  halves not quarters


The bite… that shook England!

Suarez, who brought excitements to the British industrial premier league football, now is is being crucified for biting the Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic during the 2-2 draw with Chelsea at Anfield on Sunday., the British media coverage of the south American player lacks depth and cultural sensitivity… how is biting is different than spitting, stumping, , kicking… racism is live and well in professional sports, but a childish act like biting opponent T-Shirt is considered outrageous, and stupid, barbaric… , in some culture bitting in looked as a form of expressing affection.. where parents bite their own kids to show their love! … it is an assimilation act of affection! A British police statement read: “Merseyside police can confirm that following an incident at the Liverpool v Chelsea game yesterday officers have spoken to Branislav Ivanovic in person. He had no apparent physical injuries and did not wish to make a complaint. This is now a matter for the Football Association.”, which is talking about putting Suarez on an anger management program.
Even the staunchest Liverpool supporters joined the fray. “Why on earth would you want to take a chunk out of someone’s arm when you are on a football field? That is an absolutely incredible act of brutality. It’s madness.”
Suarez offer his personal apology on twitter, Luis Suarez ✔ @luis16suarez.

“I’m sad for what happened this afternoon, I apologize Ivanovic and all football world for my inexcusable behaviour. I’m so sorry about it!!
2:43 PM – 21 Apr 2013

The british league without the foreigner players would be another boring dull league, it wont survive more than a few weeks, these players who were bought like modern expensive slaves, came from south America, Africa and Spain has turned the premiere league to a global spectacle, and generated lots of money along the way. They want the labors and not the culture, they want workers and not the people…the west like middle eatern food but not the people, the south american players but not the people.


The Beckham Mania

Last Sunday the highly-touted and long-awaited British footballer, David Beckham, finally showed up at the Metrodome in Minneapolis. The media hype of the arrival of the new American superstar is a phenomenon that has nothing to do with the beautiful game of soccer and a lot to do with the beautiful footballer. The challenge facing soccer in the U.S. is much greater than can be influenced by a “hot” 33-year-old player who “looks better than 99% of his gender,” according to C.J., a columnist at the Star Tribune.

Apparently, the LA Galaxy paid a whopping quarter of billon dollars for Mr. Beckham to cross the Atlantic to expand his commercial skill and not his soccer skill. Wherever he shows up across America, there is a 24/7 media coverage that takes over the sports news, including interviews with the soccer superstar and hysterical teens. Could the 33-year-old footballer be sent to save our lost soccer soul? As a celebrity, he was Google’s most searched of all sports topics, and overnight he became the most elite advertising brand in America and a top fashion icon. According to C.J., “he is the most photographed man alive”, and she knows thing or two about beautiful people.

The real question is whether the global brand will deliver as advertised– will he help give soccer a shot at the Americans sport stage? I’m not sure. David Beckham is an aging player with his prime days behind him. As a midfielder, short of his skill at kicking and bending the ball on set-pieces, he is practically devoid of the creative vision needed to become a great world class soccer midfielder. Those who stand out in today’s game the likes of Kaka, the most creative Brazilian soccer player who ever played the game; the Portuguese Deco; the German “Emperor of Soccer,” Franz Beckenbauer; the Shakespeare of the soccer world, the Argentine Juan-Roman Riquelme; or even the tenacious Ghanaian midfielder, Essien. If the thousands of Minnesota fans who paid up to 175 dollars to get a glimpse of the British superstar, had considered that in all these years, as a leader of the English national team, Beckham had failed to lead them to any significant glory, would they still be screaming and cheering his good looks. Every four years the national English team–without the African players who contribute so much to the English Premier League–ends up in obscurity on the international stage. What has made the British soccer league the strongest league in the world is not the likes of David Beckham but the influx of the skilled African players like Drogba, Meickel, Maloude, Kalau, Essien, Touri. Just as the British got sick and tired of PM Tony Blair’s artificial political sophistication, they also got rid of David Beckham in unceremonial fashion for the same reason: artificial soccer sophistication. Now, instead of appealing to the core soccer fans in inner cities and immigrant communities, the LA Galaxy and MSL are trying to introduce Hollywood celebrity soccer to America, when they are actually more interested in showing Beckham’s latest fashion and product line.

David Beckham won’t raise soccer quality or awareness in this country; what he is going to raise is the price of soccer tickets and t-shirts! The “unbending” truth is that David Beckham stands for everything wrong in our professional sport nowadays, which is more about celebrity and personality and not so much about talent!

Ahmed Tharwat/Host

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