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    Tweet Amid stereotypes and assumptions, a Google search offers an array of answers, and some interesting questions. By Ahmed Tharwat The author turned to Google to find the most common questions about America coming from the Arab world. The Twin Cities Arab Film Festival last month featured almost 40 films from 15 different Arab countries. Films are a great medium where Arabs get to tell their own stories. I saw a film by the Palestinian director Elia Suleiman, “It Must Be Heaven,” a story of a Palestinian who left his hometown looking for another place to call home, moving around, from Paris to New York. What was different about this…

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    Shouldn’t the New York Times fire Thomas Friedman for insulting our intelligence!

    Tweet  Shouldn’t New York Times fire Thomas Friedman for insulting our intelligence! There is a huge backlash in this country after the downfall of Hollywood mogul, Harvey Weinstein sexual assault numerous claims. Women all over this country revolting against powerful men sexual assaults and abuses, our cultural icons falling in the house of cards; celebrities, politicians, and media personals. Charlie Rose, Al Franken and Garrison Keillor are the latest. In this country, a politician could get fired for kissing or groping a woman, but destroying and raping a whole country is celebrated, Nowadays you never get fired for killing of Arab/Muslims.  Muslims and Islam have been insulted and culturally assaulted…


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