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The top 10 signs that you may not pass (TTT) Trump Traveling Test!

Trump Furor

GOP president candidate Donald Trump ask to ban Muslims from traveling to this country, here is a public service of the Top 10 sign that you may not pass (TTT) Donald Trump Traveling Test for Muslims!!
10.Your skin is darker?
9. you prefer Sharia law over constitution?
8. Asking for Halal meal on the plane?
7. Refused to have sex with Trump’s daughter?
6.Your name is Mohammed/Ahmed?
5. You dont think that Trump is fantastic?
4. you say ISIS in Arabic?
3. You eat Falafel on Sunday?
2. You dont gamble?

and the #1 questions in Donald Trump Traveling Test for Muslims!!
1. Wake up and smell the Hummus!


Celebrating Eid at Mall …. of America



Somali at MOA



Notes from America

Celebrating the Eid at Mall of America

By Ahmed Tharwat

Ramadan, the glorious fasting month for Muslims has finally came to an end, no more Iftar under the big tent at Marina restaurant, no more California Majoul dates to break the long day fast, and no more evening conversation while sipping tea and munching sweets Katife, Konafah. It is like 30 days of Christmas has just vanished before your eyes. Now it is time for Eid el Fitr, (the breaking fast feast) a Muslim celebration of food and what is good in life, a realization that life goes on even after Ramadan.


2015-07-17 09.42.23You have been for 30 days cleansing your body and your soul of all excessiveness of life. Now it is time for Muslims in America to go out and unapologetically celebrate the end of Ramadan Eid in post 9/11 America: this is not as simple as it seems.

2015-07-17 09.41.32

The Eid celebration starts by rushing to the convention center in downtown Minneapolis; where thousands of Muslims mostly Somalis walk in groove dressed in traditional clothes: they are heading for early Eid Prayer. The traffic is jammed, lots of drivers are cautiously wondering what convention this maybe! On the same day, there was a wedding trade show at the convention center, where lots of young women with their fashionably wedding gowns peacefully intermingle with Muslim women whom their dresses seem to consult with only one fashion design.

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Top Ten New Rules… for Bill Maher !

The King & I
The King & I


Top Ten New Rules… for Bill Maher to follow!

#10: Rant senselessly, you can always say Im just a comedian

#9: when all fails, there is alway Islam to pick on.

#8 Dont let facts stand in your way of making a joke.

#7 Always ignore context

#6 Real Time is not real.

#5 Always bring experts who aren’t expert on anything

#4 When you run out of vulgarity, insult religion

#3 Dont mess with Jewish Jihadists or Jewish State

#2 You can always take a break.

and # 1New Rules… for Bill Maher to follow!

#1 Devoted Christians suddenly taking an atheist views on religion seriously.


Top 10 Places Arab Americans won’t go to on 9/11 day!

9.11 imageTop 10 Places Arab Americans won’t go to on 9/11 day!

#10. Post office
9. Local bars
8. New York city
7. Airports
6. Home depot
5. Old country Buffets
4. Football games
3. Work
2. Mosques 

and the  #1 place Arab Americans wont go to on 9/11
.1. …. dont go South young man …

#tragedy #bigotry


Top Ten things about Football that could make America enjoy watching World Cup


Fifa 2014

10- It is called Football not Soccer

9. If you dont understand  the offside dont worry nobody does

8. No golden goal

7. A tie is called Nil Nil and not Zero Zero

6. It is the only world cup not a world cup

5. Only sport where an old colony gets the chance every 4 years to defeat  former colonist

4. Winning is not everything..

3. Only Goalie can use hands

2. A referee assistance not a linesmen

and #1 thing about Football /Soccer that would make an American enjoy watching World Cup

1.  halves not quarters