Top Ten List

Top 10 things that were overheard people saying on the Algerian Airline trip to Sudan.

10. Don’t worry we are going to Gaza Ya Ryas

9. No seat for you, Only the pilot can sit-down, .

8. The passport is not important as long as you have a knife.

7. This is the 1 million men March.

6. Where is Sudan, in south Africa.

5. What does Hooligans means, a new Algerian dish.

4. What do Egyptian look like, Israelis…

3. Listen up everyone, If we lose we kill them all, and we win we only kill men.

2. I never seen that many angry Algerians since Saddat visit to Jerusalem.

And #1 thing that was overheard people saying on the Algerian Airline trip to Sudan

1. At the airport they asked, Sir, do you have any food hidden in these explosives that you carry.


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